Adult Learning Groups

Our wide variety of Adult Learning Groups are held weekly throughout the year, and you are welcome to start attending at any time!  Check the online calendar or call 708-795-8000 ext 3044 for the current schedule.

Groups include:

  • Citizenship Study Group (^)
  • Computer Use
  • ESL Study Groups (*) - Beginner & Intermediate
  • ESL Basic Writing (*)
  • Open Tutoring (* ^) - Math, Reading, Writing, GED & Placement Testing


Our informal small group tutoring is offered in a drop-in format.  Students may start attending at any time of the year; placement tests may be required on the day of first attendance.  Groups are led by library staff members and volunteer tutors from our community.

(*) These groups are led by volunteers from Project CARE or Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County and are made possible by a grant from the Illinois State Library (ISL), a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, using funds designated for literacy.

(^) These groups were made possible through support from the George Veverka Bequest Fund and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

Technology in all of our groups is made possible through a grant from the American Library Association and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.  Many thanks to the Friends of the Berwyn Public Library for their ongoing support.