Adult Volunteers and Community Service

In the past year, volunteers contributed over 1,100 hours to literacy programs, special projects, administrative support and beautification of the library. Please review the current opportunities available to adults (18 years or older):

  • General Volunteering

If you would like to help us with small projects as they arise, events like Fairy Tale Ball, or our ongoing Gardening Club.  Some projects could even be done from home.  If you have a suggestion for a new volunteer project, program or venture, please let us know.

  • Teaching Adults

If you are interested in assisting with adult learning groups.  Choose from reading, math, citizenship, GED prep, English as a Second Language (ESL) or computer instruction. Prior experience with adult learners is preferred, but training and observation opportunities are available. 

  • Community Service Opportunities

If you are looking to complete hours for court-ordered community service.  Must be a Berwyn resident 18 years or older and not currently enrolled in high school.  Please note: we offer a maximum of 2 hours per day.  Please consider this and your completion date with the court before contacting us.  You may submit the form below or print and turn in a paper copy.

If you are interested, answer and submit the questions below:

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Please answer either YES or NO. If YES, also answer (1) Total hours needed, and (2) Your next court date
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