Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Regular MeetingJanuary 18AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingFebruary 16AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingFebruary 16AgendaMinutes 
Regular MeetingMarch 21AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingApril 14AgendaMinutes 
Regular MeetingApril 18AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingMay 16AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingMay 16AgendaMinutes 
Committee MeetingJune 13AgendaMinutes 
Committee MeetingJune 20AgendaMinutes 
Regular MeetingJune 20AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingJuly No Meeting Scheduled 
Special Board MeetingAugust 2AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingAugust 15AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingAugust 29AgendaMinutes 
Committee MeetingSeptember 12AgendaMinutes 
Committee MeetingSeptember 12AgendaMinutes 
Regular MeetingSeptember 19AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingSeptember 28AgendaMinutes 
Regular MeetingOctober 17AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingNovember 14AgendaMinutes 
Regular Meeting - CANCELLEDNovember 21 - will be rescheduledAgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingDecember 5AgendaMinutes 
Committee MeetingJanuary 7, 15AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingJanuary 19AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingJanuary 20AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingJanuary 26AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingJanuary 28AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingFebruary 2AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingFebruary 17AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingFebruary 17AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingFebruary 21AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingFebruary 23AgendaMinutes*
Committee MeetingMarch 16AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingMarch 16AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingApril 20AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingMay 18AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingJune 15AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingJuly No Meeting Scheduled 
Committee MeetingJuly 6-7AgendaMinutes 
Special MeetingJuly 14AgendaMinutes*
Special MeetingJuly 18AgendaMinutes*
Special MeetingJuly 27AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingAugust 17AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingSeptember 21AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingOctober 19AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingNovember 16AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingDecember No Meeting Scheduled 


Regular MeetingJanuary 20AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingFebruary 18AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
Regular MeetingMarch 17AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingApril 21AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingMay 19AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
Regular MeetingJune 16AgendaMeeting Cancelled*
Regular MeetingJuly No Meeting Scheduled 
Regular MeetingAugust 18AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingSeptember 15AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingOctober 20AgendaMinutes*
Regular MeetingNovember 17AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes
Regular MeetingDecember No Meeting Scheduled 
Committee MeetingDecember 17AgendaMinutesExecutive Minutes


JanuaryJanuary 16
February 19February 21
March 18March 19
April 15April 16
May 20May 21
June 17June 18
August 19August 20
September 16September 17
October 21October 15
November 18November 19


January 17January 18
February 22February 16
March 21March 15
April 18April 19
May 16May 17
June 13June 21
August 18August 16
September 19September 20
October 17October 18
November 21November 15


January 19January 29
February 17February
March 16March 17
April 20April 21
May 18May 19
June 15June 16
July 15July 14
August 17August 18
September 21September 15
October 19October 20
November 16November 17
December 21December 15


January 15January 9
February 20February 13
March 19March 13
April 16April 10
May 21May 8
June 18June 12
August 20August
September 17September 11
October 15October 16
November 19November 13
December 17December 11