Consumer Health Information

Do you have a diagnosed illness for which you'd like current medical information?  Or are you curious about a medical topic?  ASK US!

The Berwyn Public Library's Reference Department has a service called "ASK US! Your Medical Questions."  Give us a call at (708) 795-8000 ext 3087, email, or visit our service desk to fill out the information request form.

Once we receive your form, our staff will compile a packet of information from trusted medical sources, and then contact you when your information packet is complete (usually within 24 hours).

Please note:  This service is for informational purposes only; we cannot diagnose medical conditions, offer opinions or give advice.


These links could get you started on your own research:

  • National Institutes of Health - health topics
  • Medline Plus - for health info
  • - contains detailed information about (over 24,000) drugs, side effects and interactions; includs information about over the counter drugs and natural products
  • Dr. Weil - A consumer resource site that many health professionals use to stay connected with a growing field of integrative medical philosophy.
  • Healthfinder - A government website designed for consumers to find information on health topics culled from over 1,600 government and non-profit organizations.
  • Mayo Clinic - Search for diseases and conditions offered by more than 3,000 physicians, scientists and researchers from Mayo Clinic.
  • WebMD - Focuses on articles with insights into drugs, supplements, nutrition, psychological and family care and mental health.
  • Talking with your Doctor - MedlinePlus deals specifically with effective ways to communicate with doctors. Advice on patient rights, safety and taking more control of your office visits.
  • Talking with your Doctor: A Guide for Older People - The National Institue on Aging provides general information on healthy aging, care giving, medications and tips for seniors on better communications with doctors.
  • Health Insurance Resource Center - Provides glossary of common health insurance vocabulary.
  • Questions and Answers About Health Insurance: AHRQ - Offers information on different kinds of health plans and answers common questions.
  • MedlinePlus Health Topic: Check-up Checklist - Gives consumers information on putting together things to do before your next check-up.
  • 20 Tips to Prevent Medical Errors - Offers consumers tips on medicine and hospital stays.
  • American Medical Association Doctor Finder - With over 814,000 doctors listed, assists consumers in finding the perfect match for their medical needs.
  • American Hospital Directory - Provides data for over 6,000 hospitals including Medicare claims data and hospital costs reports.
  • CardioSmart - Provides consumers and their physicians with a way to work together in managing their hypertension, following the American College of Cardiology guidelines.
  • Dental Optimizer - Understand how to prevent dental disease, what treatments are most effective and what their care might cost.