Get a Library Card

Every Berwyn resident is encouraged to obtain a current Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) card.  Residents age 13 and under must have a parent or legal guardian present to accept responsibility for the minor’s account.  (Read the full Circulation Policy.)

To receive a first card, the applicant must verify identification and residency by choosing one option from each column below:

Column 1:
Verify Identification

Column 2:
Verify Residency

A)  Government issued photo ID
  • Must show responsible party’s name
  • May be either State or Federal


B)  High school issued photo ID

  • Must show responsible party’s name
  • Must be the current school year
A)  Showing one:
  • Current lease or mortgage statement
  • Utility bill, revolving account, or bank statement  issued within past 30 days
  • Official first class mail postmarked within past 30 days – “Or Current Resident” not accepted
  • Current car registration or auto insurance


B)  Having card mailed to residence

  • Initial restrictions apply, outlined below


Save time and pre-register online!

The Berwyn Public Library offers pre-registration through our website for first time patrons only; you must visit the library to update an existing account.

By pre-registering, you will create a temporary account within our system that includes your name, address, phone number, birthday and email address -- which will save you time once you get to the library!

A temporary library card number will be sent to your email address.
That number allows immediate access to many of our online databases.

If you pre-register online, and need to verify your residency by mail, you must still bring your ID in to the library before we will mail you a card.  Cards are not issued until an ID is presented in person.

This service is for Berwyn residents only; online registrants are asked to pick up their card at the Circulation Desk with the same verification requirements as any first-time registrant (listed above).  Patrons with existing accounts at other MLS libraries need to have those accounts clear before a Berwyn card will be issued.

Your temporary card number will exist for 14 days; you must visit the library within that time to complete your application, or it will be deleted.

Follow this link to pre-register for a Berwyn Library Card!

Verification of Residency by Mail

The responsible party may choose to verify their residency by having the library card mailed to their residence.  Library cards will not be mailed to a Post Office Box; library notices may be received at a PO Box at patron request, but patron residence must remain on file.

If at any time a library card or notice is returned to the library through the post office, the patron’s account may be stopped, and the patron asked to provide proof of residency from Column 2, choice A (above), before further use is granted.

On the day a mailed card is issued, the patron may check out up two print items.