Print, Copy, Scan, Fax


Printing costs $0.10/page for black and white, and $0.50/page for color.

From your device:  Use our Wireless Printing FormPrint from your mobile device or home computer to the printers in the Patron Computer Lab on the main floor. Your job is held in the system until you come in to the library to retreive it; if jobs are not picked up within 72 hours they will be automatically deleted from the system.

From a library computer:  Once you are at a computer, instructions for printing can be found within each department and staff can help you. Our computer terminals accept flash drives.


Copying costs $0.10/page for black and white, and $0.50/page for color. There are copy machines on the main floor and the lower level. The copiers are available for anyone to walk in and use. Staff are available to provide assistance.


There is no charge for scanning. Staff are available on the lower level and the main floor to provide assistance.


There is no charge for faxing. Staff on the lower level can send a fax anywhere in the US for you. We cannot receive your faxes.